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Posted in What the papers say by Graham Alexander on April 4th, 2012

“Cheap” Online Wills

Why They Can End Up Costing You Everything!

Have you seen those cut-price “do it yourself” Wills advertised in the press or on the Internet? Thought about “saving” yourself a few pounds and getting one, just because it’s fast, easy, and cheap?


Just don’t. When it comes to “bad ideas” in terms of your estate, this has to be top of the list. For the sake of a few pounds now, you’re risking a lot – and if you get it wrong and the Local Authority sell your home to cover your care fees, you could lose everything (and so could your spouse and children).

A Will is an individual, personal document to suit your particular circumstances. It absolutely MUST written with skill and precision in order to ensure that it does EXACTLY what you want, and EXACTLY how you want it.

And to do this adequately requires a face-to-face discussion to consider your wishes and circumstances, and how they can be incorporated clearly whilst minimising administration, potential disputes and taxation.

Think of it this way: a Will is like a complex prescription from a world-class doctor. You wouldn’t expect to get a bottle of “one size fits all” medicine over the Internet from a truly professional doctor, would you?

Every question needs to be clearly defined and understood before it is answered.

For example, consider these simple questions:

  1. If you were asked “how many children do you have?” Would you know whether to include natural children, step-children, illegitimate children, foster children or adopted children? Get it wrong, and the whole thing falls into disarray… and it’s too late to do anything about it!
  2. If you were asked to put an approximate value of your estate in order to minimise Inheritance Tax liability, would you know what to include, and what could be discounted? If you put the wrong figure on a questionnaire, it could make a total nonsense of the resulting Will.

Everything that you have worked for is covered by your Will. It makes no sense whatsoever to risk it all by cutting corners.

A qualified and experienced SABER specialist is vital to the process.

It is only through an in-depth, face-to-face discussion that you can be assured your Will is appropriate to all of your individual needs and circumstances and most effective in limiting taxes and unnecessary legal costs.

You do not have to take chances with your Will. Because with one call, you can book your FREE no-strings appointment and get this settled, once and for all!

*All figures correct at time of last web update.

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