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Posted in What the papers say by Graham Alexander on April 4th, 2012

How to Stop YOUR Home Being Sold

To Pay For Your Care Fees  (Without Your Consent!)

Here’s something you might not realise yet: even before you die, the fat and bloated bureaucrats can get their fingers into your wallet and steal your assets from you – and the harder you’ve worked and saved all your life… the easier it is for them to do it.

Yes, that’s right: these schemers can get their hands on YOUR property and take it away from you without your consent and they don’t even have the decency to wait until you’ve passed on. Imagine that – seeing your home sold from under your family and your money “stolen” out of their pockets to pay for your long-term care.

But… you don’t have to stand for it and you can stop them DEAD in their tracks.

“Because using the unique SABER asset protection system to create your Will, you don’t have to die for your Will to protect your assets and your family’s future!”

One dirty little secret the Government doesn’t want you to know is they can take your home from you to pay for your long term care if you have assets of more than £22,250.

A lot of older people in long term care nowadays end their lives as paupers and have nothing to leave their families.

Yet, what you might not realise yet is… you can stop them dead in their tracks right NOW with a properly crafted Will… but only if it’s crafted the right way.

Just click on the “play” button on the video and I’ll show you exactly how I’ll do it for you – quickly, and easily. And it’s bulletproof. What’s more, it’s “secret techniques” your solicitor probably doesn’t even know about!

Think the Government wants you to know this? Of course not… and “they” are furious that I am revealing this to you.

The Government sweep this under the carpet. Every year thousands of people suffer financially because they don’t have the right kind of Will, and the Government are the ones who benefit. And it’s not just people who die, either: thousands of older people see their assets — cash, property, even their homes — forcibly taken from them by these fat-cat law-makers even before they die… often leaving nothing for their family when they’ve gone!

“But it’s so easy to prevent!”

It doesn’t take long to get it done properly by an expert in the SABER system, and once it’s done, you can pretty much forget about it, secure in the knowledge if you do need long term care, neither the Government nor the Local Authorities will be able to get their greedy little hands on your assets.

And if the worst does happen — and ultimately it’s going to happen to us all — your loved ones at least have that side of things taken care of.

The rules are complex and depend on so many factors, not least the current laws — and the Government are well known for changing the law to suit themselves as we all know!

But the stark truth is if you have assets of more than £22,250, then your Local Authority, with the full power of the Law and Government behind it, can force you to sell your home and confiscate anything they can get their hands on to pay for your long-term care, regardless of your wishes.

“This means your spouse or family will NOT automatically inherit your whole estate when you die! There might not be anything left to inherit! ”

“How many people need to worry about having their homes and other assets ’stolen’ by the Authorities?”

The Government’s own figures say up to 66% of us are going to require long-term care as we get older. That’s bad enough in itself.

But I really hate to think how many people see their hard-earned money and assets being grabbed by the greedy Government and Local Authority bureaucrats and being used to send young thugs on exotic holidays as some hare-brained ‘punishment’ for mugging old ladies in the street.

Sounds dramatic, I know, but that’s exactly what happens to the taxes they should be using to pay for your care.

We all know that.

And if you don’t make a Will to protect you against this, and you have to go into long-term care… then you’re basically giving the Government and anyone else with ’sticky fingers’ permission to do exactly as they please with your money and your property — while perhaps leaving your own loved ones short.

*All figures correct at time of last web update.

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