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Posted in What the papers say by Graham Alexander on July 2nd, 2012

5 Reasons Why ANYONE With Children MUST Have A Will!

If you have children, especially if they’re legally “minors”, then you absolutely must have a Will if you want to look after their best interests should the unthinkable happen.

And never mind the immediate aftermath, there’s a common misconception that your estate Will “magically” be distributed according to your wishes.

Here’s a real example: Mr and Mrs Kennedy from Tadcaster have three young children, and contacted us to write a simple Will for them. They explained that they wanted to ensure their children were looked after in the event of their deaths.

They, like many people, were shocked to learn that without named guardians, a judge and social services could decide their children’s future, and if their children were orphaned they could even end up in a council care home!

Can you imagine that? Say there was a terrible tragedy, like an accident or something like that… it’s entirely possible your kids would be dragged off summarily by the police and social services – simply because no guardian has been named, and no relative, even if the kids knew and loved them, was “suitable”. I don’t know about you, but given their record over the last few years, I wouldn’t want the social services making any decisions about my kids’ future!

So, we were able to help Mr and Mrs Kennedy avoid any chance of this by setting up discretionary trusts in their Wills in favour of their children and naming guardians.

The Will ensures an enormous future tax bill can be dramatically pared down too – so you can be sure your money goes to your children!

The real benefit of their Will now is that it sets out clearly their wishes – who inherits, how this inheritance is shared out and at what age (because they are leaving assets to their children).

The Will we wrote for them provides details of who they wish to deal with their affairs after they have gone (the executor – in their case a solicitor), and how the children will be taken care of.

Without a Will their executor would have been chosen for them, and their kids pushed from pillar-to-post at the whim of the incompetent authorities.

You do not have to let this happen – with one call, you can book your FREE no-strings appointment and get this settled, once and for all!

*All figures correct at time of last web update.

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