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Posted in Advice by Graham Alexander on July 2nd, 2012

Essential Secrets To Slashing Inheritance Tax And Protecting Your Children’s Inheritance

A lot of Will writers will incorrectly tell you the Government has “taken care” of the complaints people had about inheritance tax.

And if you believe that, you’ll believe anything. They’ve “taken care” of themselves is what they mean.

Make sure you don’t pay an additional £124,800 in tax …

Take the case of my clients, Mr and Mrs Hall from Wetherby. They don’t consider themselves to be wealthy people, but the detached house they had bought for £5,000 over 30 years ago has recently been valued at around £400,000.

See, this increase in value can sneak up on you… and then, then it’s too late, Mr Brown and his light-fingered friends will help themselves to a hefty slice of your estate – but you could have avoided it by having the right Will written using the SABER asset protection system.

So, with this unexpectedly high valuation of their home, Mr and Mrs Hall were shocked and angry to discover Inheritance Tax would be payable on their estate because they have assets of over £312,000 – counting the family home.

Bad news, yes? Just think what might have happened if I hadn’t alerted them to this risk!

By setting up a simple trust in their wills they have instantly been able to save themselves up to £124,800 in tax in the event of their death!

This is because, although there is no inheritance tax liability for assets passing between husband and wife, there are IHT implications for assets passed on to children, other family members and friends.

Bottom line: if your estate is worth more than £312,000 for this tax year inheritance tax of a whopping 40% is payable on anything above this limit.

Listen, if you don’t have these “loopholes” all closed up then you’re likely to find Gordon and his cronies with their fingers in the pie, “redistributing” YOUR hard-earned wealth for “good causes” like sending granny-mugging thugs on holiday for a week as “punishment”.

If you’re happy for your money to be spent like that rather than going to your loved-ones, then just ignore inheritance tax and trust Gordon Brown and all the other pigs at the trough to “take care” of it for you.

Just click the “play” button on the video above, and I’ll give you all the details.

And don’t forget to take action when you’ve done listening!

*All figures correct at time of last web update.

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