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Posted in Advice by Graham Alexander on July 2nd, 2012

Why Remarriage Can Be ‘Deadly’ To Your Estate – Protect Your Family With The SABER System’s Secret Will Strategies!

It’s a little-known problem with remarriage and your Will that can devastate entire families. It’s simply this: if you die and your partner remarries, your kids can lose everything.

Here’s how it can happen.

Imagine you have kids and the unthinkable happens and your spouse dies. Everything passes to you, which is just how you planned it.

Then imagine you remarried – and in Britain, 70% of widowed people do, regardless of age – and in the fullness of time, something happened to you, and your estate passed to your new wife.

Big problem – the children you had with your first spouse are not automatically entitled to anything under inheritance laws. Worse, if your new spouse has kids of his or her own, they could end up inheriting everything!

And the really sad thing is, this is SO easy to avoid. Just click the “play” button on the video on the right, and I’ll explain it all.

Then, when you’re done, call us on the number below and get yourself protected. It’s too easy to keep putting it off and putting it off… and then it might be too late.

*All figures correct at time of last web update.

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