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Posted in Advice on July 2nd, 2012

Essential Secrets To Slashing Inheritance Tax And Protecting Your Children’s Inheritance

A lot of Will writers will incorrectly tell you the Government has “taken care” of the complaints people had about inheritance tax. And if you believe that, you’ll believe anything. They’ve “taken care” of themselves is what they mean. Make sure you don’t pay an additional £124,800 in tax … Take the case of my

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Posted in Case Study on April 14th, 2012

The Law on Care Fees

The Local Authority has to provide care for all individuals who have a need. They receive money from the government to meet these needs, whether they are at home or in a nursing or residential care home. However if you have over £23,500* in assets you have to pay for your own care fees in full, and

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Posted in What the papers say on April 4th, 2012

How to Stop YOUR Home Being Sold

To Pay For Your Care Fees  (Without Your Consent!) Here’s something you might not realise yet: even before you die, the fat and bloated bureaucrats can get their fingers into your wallet and steal your assets from you – and the harder you’ve worked and saved all your life… the easier it is for them

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Posted in What the papers say on April 4th, 2012

“Cheap” Online Wills

Why They Can End Up Costing You Everything! Have you seen those cut-price “do it yourself” Wills advertised in the press or on the Internet? Thought about “saving” yourself a few pounds and getting one, just because it’s fast, easy, and cheap? Don’t. Just don’t. When it comes to “bad ideas” in terms of your estate,

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